EcoHome Insulation Scheme

Here’s your chance to get a FREE £1,500 HOME INSULATION Voucher!

If you are a homeowner living in the UK, you could qualify for a FREE £1,500 Insulation Voucher and save up to 50% on energy bills.

Here’s how it works.

All homeowners can qualify for the home insulation incentives as long as they meet the following requirements:


Our insulation experts can help check your eligibility to receive these home insulation incentives. If found eligible, you could get up to £1500 off on your home insulation and save up to 50% on your energy costs.

Why Should You Insulate Your Home?

Without adequate insulation, your home can lose up to 25% of heat through the roof and around 30% through the walls. In addition to feeling very cold and damp in the winter, an uninsulated house may also feel extremely hot and uncomfortable in the summer. Insufficiently insulated homes are also less energy-efficient and cost homeowners hundreds of pounds more than insulated properties. 

Home insulation is the best solution for all these problems. It will help maintain the right temperatures throughout the year, reduce your energy bills, prevent mould and draught, and reduce your carbon footprint. 

Which is the Best Home Insulation?

There are several types of insulating materials you can choose from. However, spray foam insulation is the most convenient and energy and cost-efficient of all. It offers many other benefits such as:

Mould Removal & Prevention
Draught Removal & Prevention
Allergen & Pest Prevention
Excellent Soundproofing

Spray foam insulation is one of the most popular types of insulation across the globe because of its water-resistant properties and its ability to create airtight seals that restrict the movement of air. Homes insulated using spray foam remain warm, cosy, and energy-efficient for the longest time. 

How Can AES Help

AES helps homeowners reduce their energy bills and carbon footprints by providing the best home insulation services in Leicestershire. We understand home insulation can be a big investment for some. Through the EcoHome Insulation Scheme, we aim to help eligible homeowners insulate their homes and reduce their energy consumption at a lower cost. Our affordable energy solutions can add more value to your home and make it cosy and comfortable for all weather. All our products and labour are fully compliant with building regulations and come with a 20-year guarantee. We provide free home visits to identify areas of improvement so that all of them are fully insulated. Contact us on 0800 246 1826 to book your free home survey and check your eligibility.