Loft Insulation

Did you know that much of the heat in your home can be lost via your loft? By adding just a simple layer of loft insulation you can keep you and your family warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, all whilst saving money!

At AES Insulations we specialise in keeping your home warm, and especially during the winter when retaining heat is of utmost importance not just your well-being but also to your wallet!

Loft Insulation Specialists In Leicester

Our insulation company is based in Leicester and has helped many households across the Midlands by providing loft insulation to Derby, Nottingham and Northamptonshire. Whether you’re looking for a loft ladder, a simple loft boarding solution or the most enhanced insulation products we have to offer, our company can be sure to help you save energy and money.

Our team have well over 50 years experience between them and offer a free consultation to show you just how much money you could save. Using the latest products such as SuperFOIL – a high performance insulation product that doesn’t take up too much space. This subtle and aesthetically pleasing insulation is a leading product in the insulation market and comes with a 20 year guarantee to give you peace of mind that you will only be buying the best.

Our loft insulation services in Leicester and the Midlands are carried out by experienced and highly trained staff who abide by all European building regulations.

Products used by AES for loft insulations often combine both insulation and vapour control – to give you value for money as well as quality.

SuperFOIL Insulation Installer
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  • Govt Grants available

Why choose Affordable Energy Solutions for new or replacement loft insulation?

As well as being specialists in loft insulation we can provide a full package when it comes to energy saving solutions for your home whether you are in need of roof insulation, wall insulation or exterior wall coatings. With a free consultation, one of our experts can take a look at your property and identify key areas for improvement, not only will our insulation services save you money on your energy bills, our advice can improve the aesthetics of your home as well as your homes market value. For a free – no obligation quote why not contact one of our Leicester based insulation specialists today on 0800 246 1826 to discuss our latest products or arrange a home visit.