What is superFoil Insulation?

SuperFOIL insulation or multifoil insulation involves a high-performance insulation material made from layers of aluminium, thermo-foam, and polypropylene, which is used in roofs, lofts, walls and more. Before we understand the benefits and significance of SuperFOIL, let’s learn what is foil insulation.

Glass wool, rock wool and fibreglass are the most commonly used insulation materials for loft and roof insulation. However, another type that makes good insulating material is foil. While a majority of the other insulating materials work by preventing the movement of heat through conduction, foil reduces the loss of heat by trapping the air in the layers and reflecting radiative heat into the room. Since it requires less space than other regular insulating materials, foil insulation is considered the best option for smaller homes with a restricted roof or loft space.

Why Should You Choose SuperFOIL or Multifoil Insulation?

SuperFOIL comes in the form of foil sheets and offers both insulation and vapour control. It locks in warm air and protects the fabric of your build from damp and moisture. Unlike many other forms of insulation, it creates very little mess requires no protective equipment at the time of installation, making it one of the easiest insulating materials to install. 

Some of the best benefits of SuperFOIL insulation include:

  • Excellent Temperature Balance
  • Easy Installation
  • Space Saving 
  • Energy Saving
  • Time-Saving
  • Low Maintenance
  • Non-Toxic 
  • Relatively Waterproof

Why Choose AES for Installing SuperFOIL Insulation?

AES offers a wide range of roofing and insulation services. We can help improve the energy efficiency of your home and add value to your property. We use the latest technology to install insulation across your home, in the loft, roof and wall. SuperFOIL can work wonders in maintaining the right temperature in the house, according to the weather outside. However, if installed incorrectly, it can create problems in maintaining the desired temperatures and cause issues with the building and planning commissions. AES insulation experts have the knowledge and experience of working with SuperFOIL or multifoil insulation and can design and install it to the highest standards and according to the latest building regulations. 

We are a leading SuperFOIL insulation specialist in Leicestershire for a reason. We offer free home visits during which, our insulation specialists identify the areas of improvement in your home and suggest the right solution for the same. Then, we design and install the most suitable multifoil insulation in your home. And if you want a free quote for your project, our insulation experts will be happy to provide one after surveying your property. Just get in touch with us and take the first step towards making your home more energy-efficient and beautiful!