Wall Insulation

One of the most effective ways to make your home energy-efficient and reduce heating costs is via professionally-installed wall, roof and loft insulation.

Provided with a 20 year guarantee, our quality installation services are carried out by experts with years of experience, helping you to stay warm, save money, and reduce environmental emissions.

Wall Insulation Types

With access to the latest materials and technologies to insulate your home, we stock the most energy saving wall insulations available. One of our most popular products is SuperFOIL Insulation, which offers premium performance with minimal bulk. This space-saving material reduces the need to sacrifice space for great results, by taking up a fraction of the thickness of other insulation types.

We also offer wall coating services using SecoTHERM, which can protect exposed brick, stone, or masonry from the onset of both damp and ongoing energy loss.

Effective foil insulation or wall coatings can help save money on your energy bill by locking heat into your home. This means you can lower the thermostat, and still stay warm while using less power. By reducing your power consumption, you’ll also be doing your bit for the environment by minimising your carbon footprint.

Wall Insulation Installers Leicester, Nottingham, Derby & The Midlands

As well as being an investment towards future heating costs, quality wall insulation can also be an investment towards the value of your home. A better EPC efficiency rating can help improve your property’s worth, making it more desirable if and when you decide to move on.

Here at AES Insulations, our team of specialists includes experts in every area of insulation. From walls and lofts to roofs and coatings, any work carried out complies with all building standards and regulations.

Based in Leicestershire, we’re ideally situated to serve Leicester, Derby, Nottingham and surrounding areas. We boast over 50 years of experience in the trade, so you can hire us with confidence, and expect a fast, efficient, and friendly service. For more information, to book in a free home visit, or to request further advice on how to make your home more energy-efficient, please get in touch today.

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